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Unlock Results With a Wellness Rewards Program

Build a better Medicaid benefits program with InComm’s robust portfolio of solutions, including: healthy foods, wellness rewards, first years wellness, and more.

Long-Term Member Health Is Everyone’s End Goal

InComm Healthcare has the tools and expertise to boost your Medicaid benefits program and member satisfaction.

Preventative care leads to better overall well-being, decreasing the cost of care for members and encouraging life-long healthy habits.

CMS guidelines now require a more restrictive approach to benefit plan funds being used on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms (ATF). Address care gaps by rewarding health assessment tasks and eligibility including: annual physicals, annual wellness visits, preventive visits, breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, eye exams, and more. Funds can be delivered when members complete healthy activities.

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Healthy Foods Benefits

Engage food-insecure members by offering healthy benefits and allow members to spend government-provided funds on healthy food items. Restrict items to healthy choices, and allow members to shop at any grocery store in network.  

Offer home-delivered meals and fresh produce for health conditions like diabetes, heart-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, and more.  

Reward Members for Wellness Activities

Rewarding healthy choices doesn’t have to be complicated. We help health plans build targeted wellness programs that address health risk assessment factors and encourage health goals and behaviors.

A well-designed wellness rewards program is just one way to stand out as a Medicaid Health Plan.

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First Years Wellness Benefits

Parents need support before and after having children. Help your members with a card to buy prenatal essentials like healthy foods. Parents can buy wipes, baby food, and post-pregnancy items at 68,000+ retail locations.  

Reward Cards with Digital & Physical Delivery Options

Restricted Spend Cards

Designed to distribute funds that are restricted against alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Limit spending to specific items or merchants with tens of millions of CMS-compliant items available to purchase in-store and online. Can be added to any existing OTC or Dual Network member card.

Unused funds are returned to the Health Plan.

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Reward Choice Certificates

Members receive a personalized certificate that can be redeemed for hundreds of gift cards from top retailers. Gift card options are CMS compliant. Deliver personalized rewards in physical or digital formats.

Health Plan is only charged for rewards that are redeemed.

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Digital Delivers More

Get more flexibility and more savings when you take advantage of our digital reward options. Wallets are assigned to members when your plan uploads eligible data. Health plan members receive alerts via email to use their digital barcode.
  • Reward your members for healthy actions instantly.
  • Eliminate added costs associated with physical delivery.
  • Send members a fully customizable reward via SMS text or email.
  • Assign wallets and load funds as members complete tasks.
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“InComm is not just one solution, they are a multitude of solutions offering different benefits for different segments of the population. It makes me feel better as a partner to know that I can have multiple benefits provided by a best-in-class company.”

Product and Strategy Director – Oscar Health

Wellness Rewards in the Workplace

In a post-COVID world, concern over corporate wellness is top-of-mind for many human resources departments.

Employee mental health, especially, has become a visible priority in the last two years. Our own 2022 research showed that 20% of employees feel burnt out—meaning the market for employee wellness programs is bound for exponential growth.

The right types of rewards—namely, gift cards—can improve long term employee health, and ultimately performance. Offering gym memberships, additional paid time off, or rewards for completing preventative care such as a biometric screening, can help drive behavior change at every level.

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