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OTC Products

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Healthy Foods

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Wellness Incentives & Rewards

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Home Modifications

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Farm Fresh Produce

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Dental, Vision & Hearing

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Internet & Utilities Bill Payment

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Meal Delivery

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Dumbell icon for fitness


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Home Health

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OUR DUAL NETWORK BENEFIT CARD™ simplifies the member experience by combining all supplemental benefit solutions on a single card—leading to improved member satisfaction.

  • Supports both product and flex category restrictions 
  • Provides the largest proprietary retail network to support product level restrictions—over 68,000 retail locations and multiple online options 
  • Personalized web and mobile app experience that combines all benefits and incentives 
  • Unlimited configurability to align with your health plan’s benefit programs 
  • One connection to streamline benefit management, minimizing out-of-pocket costs, copays, high deductibles, co-pays, and reimbursements

Simple. Flexible. Dual Network.

Our Dual Network Benefit Card™ allows you to mix and match any or all benefits on one Medicare flex card (preferred by 95% of members*). Choose plan benefits: over-the-counter products, dental, vision, and hearing, healthy foods, delivered meals and produce, utilities, wellness rewards, and more. Using a flex card is similar to using a prepaid debit card or credit card for health coverage. Health plan members can shop online, over the phone, via mail order, or in-store with participating retailers available within a mile of every U.S. household (on average). They have allocated funds to use on their flex card benefits and swipe the card at point-of-sale, which recognizes eligible products.

Plus, InComm is HITRUST Certified, so you can be confident our solutions use the latest technology in security, privacy, and compliance to provide a safe environment. HITRUST certification ensures health plans meet a series of guidelines and IT safeguards to protect member data.

Does Medicare Work On Vision, Hearing, and Dental? Members can use their Dual Network Benefit Card™ at merchants in network or out of network on services and recurring medical expenses. Unlike flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and contribution limits, health plans decide allowance amounts and frequency. Health plan members don’t need to worry about submitting claims with their dental insurance or medical insurance. Members cannot use their cards to receive cash back. 

Available Benefits: OTC Products Healthy Foods Dental, Vision & Hearing Delivered Meals & Produce Wellness Rewards Home Health Care Fitness Acupuncture Chiropractic Utilities & Internet Bill Payments Transportation Personal Emergency Response (PERS) VanillaDirect™ Pay

Healthcare Benefits & Rewards That Get Results

Improve your members’ well-being and peace of mind with our streamlined, all-in-one InComm Dual Network Benefit Card™ (flex card).

OTC (Over-the-Counter) Products

Members receive funds restricted to be spent on CMS-compliant products. Multiple catalogs are available to determine item eligibility, including condition-specific (targeted) catalogs.

Learn More about OTC Products

Healthy Foods Benefit

Engage food-insecure members by allowing them to purchase healthy foods using plan provided dollars.

Learn More about Healthy Foods Benefits

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

Members receive funds restricted to be spent on specific flex card services chosen by the health plan (restricted by merchant categories).

Learn More about DVH

Delivered Meals & Produce

Support your members with the proper nutrition. Offer medically tailored meals and farm-fresh produce boxes to support a range of conditions.

Learn More about Meal Delivery

Wellness Rewards

Motivate completion of wellness activities with restricted spend reward cards to address care gaps.

Learn More about Wellness Rewards

More Benefits & Programs

Our benefits portfolio also includes home health care, fitness, acupuncture, chiropractic, utilities and internet bill payment and much more.

Learn More about our Other Benefits

Best-In-Class Member Experience With 68,000+ Participating Retailers

The OTC Network Card Processing System not only works with the largest network of participating retailers in the industry, but also allows independent pharmacies and grocers to accept healthcare benefit and reward cards for in-store purchases.

Members can easily check their available balances, find retailers, and look up eligible items through My Benefits Center

Within the web portal or mobile app, members can also directly access convenient online shopping options.

Supplemental Benefits Offerings Explained

As health insurance costs continue to rise, many Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part D) are choosing to help offset healthcare costs by offering supplemental health benefit programs. These insurance companies offer programs that provide funds to Medicare and Medicaid cardholders for eligible health care items and qualifying services, that would otherwise not be covered by their health plans.

49% of Medicare program participants (beneficiaries) are likely to leave a plan without their preferred supplemental benefits. (InComm Healthcare, 2023 Medicare Participants Research) . Plans that go beyond the basic benefits package and offer flex cards improve member satisfaction and overall health through increased preventative care. This decreases out of pocket costs, and other medical expenses associated with cost of care.

With OTC, wellness rewards, meal delivery, transportation and more, InComm Healthcare can positively affect 17 out of 33 STAR ratings categories (including breast cancer screenings, diabetes care, annual flu vaccines, and improving or maintaining physical health). 

All Your Benefit Needs In One Place

Partner with a company that can provide a singular access point to multiple benefits vendors as a convenience to you and your members.

*InComm Healthcare, Medicare Study, 2021

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