Restricted Spend Cards

Offer a card that filters spending to specific items or categories. Track card usage with our UPC-level reporting.


  • Proprietary platform can be white labeled to reflect your brand
  • Cards can be restricted to only be used for specific items or categories
  • Reporting and usage tracking at the UPC-level
  • Unlimited wallets to allow multiple programs on one card
  • Capabilities to fully customize item catalog, whether it comprises one item or thousands
  • Largest participating retailer network in the industry — with over 68,000 locations nationwide

Ensure your dollars are spent where intended. InComm’s prepaid, filtered spend card restricts purchases to specific items or categories across any industry.

Our proprietary technology can be white labeled for your program, giving you access to granular tracking and reporting capabilities.


Provide funds to members for everyday essentials while restricting spending to CMS compliant and other health and wellness items.


Provide funds to members to incentivize healthy behaviors. Filter reward spending to only wellness items to further encourage healthy choices.


Food banks, and other non-profits can Increase impact by providing prepaid cards for community assistance. Filter spending to be restricted to essentials like groceries, clothing, and hygiene items for disaster relief and more.

Government Agencies

Track program spending with prepaid cards to ensure funds are used on intended categories.


Companies can use filtered spend cards to reward employees with self-care perks, treat clients to lunch, or as wellness rewards.

Consumer Brands

Restrict spending to high margin items, or incent customers who purchase certain items to continue their brand loyalty.

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