Support Members with OTC Health Solutions

InComm Healthcare’s Targeted Product Catalogs are designed to give health plans the right tools to reward member behavior. You can select a curated catalog and tailor your program to target specific health challenges — enabling members to take control of their well-being with proactive, preventative care that can lead to better long-term health outcomes.



Catalogs include:


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OTC Supplemental

Benefits for Medicare Advantage plan members; restricted to CMS-compliant over-the-counter products.


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Healthy Foods

Engages food-insecure members by encouraging the purchase of healthy, nutritious foods in-store and online.



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First Years Wellness


Encourages purchases related to baby care during the critical first years of an infant’s life.



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Encourages purchases related to recovery from nicotine addiction.



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Dental and Vision Health


Supports dental and vision health by encouraging the purchase of dental and vision products and services.



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Sensible Living Rewards


Extensive product offering that only limits the purchase of alcohol, tobacco and firearms.


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Health and wellness related products.



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Healthy Living


Encourage purchases related to managing and controlling diabetes.




“InComm is not just one solution, they are a multitude of solutions offering different benefits for different segments of the population. It makes me feel better as a partner to know that I can have multiple benefits provided by a best-in-class company.” 


Product and Strategy Director - Oscar Health



With more than 62,000 retail locations in our network, members can spend their over-the-counter benefits on thousands of eligible products at retailers in their neighborhood.

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Convenient Member Experience

Members can shop in-store, online, over the phone, or via mail order. Our user-friendly Member Portal and OTC Network mobile app make it easy to check balances, locate participating retailers, and determine item eligibility.





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