Transportation Benefits

Consistent, reliable transportation is essential to health plan members.

Enhance Your Transportation Programs

Effective ongoing medical care entails attending regular medical appointments or doctor visits to monitor health conditions. When getting to the doctor’s office is challenging for many Americans, health insurance plans can help by offering transportation services. Healthcare members do not need to use public transportation but can use their funds to cover transportation. Funds would not include trips to the grocery store but could be used to go to medical facilities.

Your Medicare Advantage plan members can schedule non-emergency medical transportation using plan-provided dollars through our relationship with ride-sharing partners, Kaizen Health and Uber or Lyft.

Scheduling trips for older adults or family members is easy and convenient with reminders, empowering your members to easily keep doctor appointments, so they can focus on their wellness. Members could be picked up from home care, skilled nursing facilities, or senior centers, and their care coordinators (caregivers) could schedule these senior transportation appointments.

Advance, Recurring & Same-Day Trip Reservations with GPS Tracking

Proprietary dispatch system

Lowest cost & highest quality mode of direct transport

Local transportation network

Fraud prevention

High-Quality Transportation, Highly Efficient Solutions

Convenient options for a range of mobility including ambulatory curb-to-curb, door-to-door, wheelchair, gurney, and BLS

Multi-wallet capabilities allow the delivery of multiple programs on one card

Spending is limited to only eligible transportation options with pick up and drop off

Healthy Members. Healthy Profits.

Transportation benefits allow health plans to allocate funds specifically for non-emergency medical transportation and ambulance services without having to deal with the ambulance company directly. Funds allow members to book, track, and monitor trips through a convenient app.

Our web portal and comprehensive reporting tools allow your health plan to easily administer an efficient program.

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