VanillaDirect Pay™

Offer your members the convenience of paying their insurance premiums in-store.

A simple, flexible, no-cost payment option that enables your members to pay ​with cash where they shop

– Tailored to cash-preferred members eligible for ​health coverage.​
– Payments received and secured instantly.​
– Health plan may deliver the barcodes physically ​or digitally to members.​
– Easy to implement in your system.​

How It Work

After the member brings their printed or mobile/web barcode & cash payment amount to participating retailer:

Step 1

The Cashier Scans The Barcode

Step 2

Cashier Accepts Cash Payment

Step 3

Payment Is Processed

Step 4

Customer Recieves Receipt

Members Can Pay Their Premiums At 68,000+ Retail Locations

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