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Innovative digital platforms connecting you to prepaid.

As digital prepaid products continue to grow in popularity year over year, it becomes hugely important for you to take advantage of this growing consumer trend. This can be a complicated process that could require separate methods for selling, delivering and redeeming digital prepaid products in a consumer-friendly environment. Or you could establish one connection to us.

One connection to our digital platforms opens the world of prepaid to you.

Our platforms allow brands and distributors to sell, promote and deliver prepaid products in digital and physical formats. We offer options that range from back-end fulfillment, allowing you to control the customer experience, to easy-to-use e-commerce and mobile sites. Whatever your prepaid need, we offer a platform that makes it possible.

A digital experience for every company

We offer our partners several platforms that will connect them to a wide assortment of prepaid products, allowing you to find the best fit for your businesses’ and customers’ needs.

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Alder API

Our Alder API is a back-end integration that handles all aspects of fulfillment for prepaid products, whether physical or digital, open- or closed-loop. It also allows you to customize the front-end consumer experience for the rapid delivery and activation of digital gift cards.

Best fit for: Loyalty, incentive, reward and mobile application companies that rely heavily on gift cards to fuel incentives and promotions.



The brother to our Alder API, Raindrop enables access to our broad portfolio of prepaid products without requiring any back-end integration. Instead, you can easily submit orders by dropping a CSV file into our secure folder or webpage.


Best fit for: Companies that lack IT resources for integration but whose customers would enjoy having a gift card delivered to them as a reward, incentive or gift.

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InComm Incentives

InComm Incentives is our simplest solution for purchasing gift cards, physical or digital, in bulk. Like any e-commerce site, InComm Incentives lets you select from a large selection of products online and purchase them in only a few steps. It also provides discounts on large gift card purchases.

Best fit for: Loyalty companies, small business owners and HR managers who need a large number of gift cards quickly for a single promotion, contest or sweepstakes and wish to deliver the cards to the end recipients themselves.

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Gift Card Impressions

Gift Card Impressions gives you access to physical and digital solutions for creating more engaging gifting experiences. Using personalized digital experiences and exciting gift card packaging, Gift Card Impressions boosts the value and impact of your gift card products.


Best fit for: Companies of any size that want their digital and physical gift cards to leave a lasting impression.

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Industry-leading brand assortment

Our digital platforms enable physical and digital delivery of gift cards for over 200 global brands through loyalty and incentive programs, consumer purchase sites, consumer promotions, and mobile apps and wallets.

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