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As consumer and employee reward and incentive programs continue to grow in popularity year over year, it becomes hugely important for you to take advantage of this growing trend. This can be a complicated process that could require separate methods for selling, delivering and redeeming products. In addition, the variety of products may be limited, and increasing redemption offerings may require additional steps.


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Gift Cards

The most convenient, versatile way to reward, our expansive options take gift cards to the next level. Physical or digital, branded or customized, single-load or reloadable, we’ve got you covered – and with our points bank integration, your recipients can pick the option they want the most.

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Open-Loop Gift Cards

Through trusted names like Vanilla®, American Express®, Mastercard® and Visa®, our open-loop cards work like a debit card, redeemable wherever the brand is accepted – giving recipients total control over their rewards spending.

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Closed–Loop Gift Cards

With closed-loop cards from over 1,000 of the brands consumers love, choose rewards you know they’ll appreciate. Food and dining, digital entertainment, shopping and apparel, and much more, all with inviting brand-specific designs that give each card the perfect touch.

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Digital Gift Cards

Modern convenience for the digital age. Our solutions empower a host of options for online or mobile delivery, with all the brands consumers love just an email away. Whatever the rewards program, we can back it with physical or digital gift cards, customized to your specifications.

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Gift Tokens

Show thanks for the small things right away with our exciting gift token options. Treat or reward with a personalized gift for under $20 (a cup of coffee or lunch on you) and wow your recipients with an interactive delivery that’s enjoyable all on its own. With our haptic technology, recipients use their device to blow out candles, swipe balloons, or drink a pint to receive their gift.

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What We Offer

Our extensive portfolio of rewards offerings is sure to have something for everyone. Manage your program to your specifications while giving your recipients control to choose their rewards and execute their redemptions.

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Points Bank

Versatile rewards management made simple with a points system, giving recipients the freedom to manage their balance and choose their redemption pathway.

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Apple Store Integration

Offer access to the trendiest tech with our exclusive Apple Store integration. Whether it’s iPhones or EarPods, the newest devices and accessories make the best rewards, and it’s easy to manage through our seamless integration.

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Who knows where your rewards program will lead? With our travel options, recipients can control their entire trip, from getting there with airfare and rental cars to the lap of luxury with hotels and resorts. Our proprietary, full-service, white label booking engine makes booking a breeze – the trip of a lifetime is just a redemption away!

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Events and Experiences

For recipients who prefer the live experience, we’ve got you covered, too. Event packages, such as the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby, take recipients to the big game in style. We also offer a wide selection of unique events, from Harley Davidson rentals and fighter pilot flights to family friendly outings or wining and dining in Napa Valley, there’s an experience for everyone.

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Apparel, equipment, and accessories from the brands people love. Cash in on trendy swag, a new nine iron, or that perfect espresso machine – all viewable in your program’s online marketplace.

Industry-leading brand assortment

Our digital platforms enable physical and digital delivery of gift cards for over 200 global brands through loyalty and incentive programs, consumer purchase sites, consumer promotions, and mobile apps and wallets.

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Sell and distribute digital gift cards through a single source

We offer our partners platforms that will connect them to a wide assortment of prepaid products, allowing you to find the best fit for your businesses’ and customers’ needs.

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Alder API

Our Alder API is a back-end integration that handles all aspects of fulfillment for prepaid products, whether physical or digital, open- or closed-loop. It also allows you to customize the front-end consumer experience for the rapid delivery and activation of digital gift cards.

Best fit for: Loyalty, incentive, reward and mobile application companies that rely heavily on gift cards to fuel incentives and promotions.

Raindrop API

Raindrop API

The brother to our Alder API, Raindrop enables access to our broad portfolio of prepaid products without requiring any back-end integration. Instead, you can easily submit orders by dropping a CSV file into our secure folder or webpage.


Best fit for: Companies that lack IT resources for integration but whose customers would enjoy having a gift card delivered to them as a reward, incentive or gift.

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