Help a national health plan increase and retain its member base in a competitive and established market.


Offer InComm Healthcare’s OTC Supplemental Benefit prepaid card to the Medicare-Advantage population of the health plan.

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OTC Supplemental Benefit Card Case Study

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From 2015, when the OTC Supplemental Benefit Card was introduced, to 2018, the health plan’s membership grew by 700 percent. The percentage of members who actively engaged in the program was maintained at around 90 percent. In that same time span:

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What is it?

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The OTC Supplemental Benefit Card gives health plan members fast and easy access to their supplemental benefit dollars and allows them to purchase CMS-compliant products at local retailers. This added value encourages members to make healthy purchases and take control of their wellness. It also helps engage current members and attract potential new members with a unique benefit offering.



Health Plan's Reaction:

“Standing out in the crowded healthcare marketplace is becoming more and more difficult. In our experience, the best way to push away from the competition is to offer members easy ways to gain more value from their plans. The OTC Supplemental Benefit Card is an elegant solution for that. With just a swipe, members can purchase CMS-approved items and take control of their wellness. A healthy, happy member is a member who sticks around. The addition of the OTC Supplemental Benefit Card to our plan allowed us to engage a lot of happy members.”



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