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The Premier Network for Benefits and Incentives Programs

Whether providing benefits to loyal customers or incentivizing healthy behaviors for members, health plans have an easy all-in-one solution with our healthcare product suite. Our program is capable of delivering benefits and incentive dollars from plan to customers all through the customer’s card, for use at partner retailers within our 60,000+ national retailer footprint.

Broad Options, Seamless Execution

Using the card is easy for members, and as simple as choosing a catalog for health plans. Once a card is active, customers can purchase eligible items at any of our participating retailers.


Our suite includes OTC Supplemental Benefits Card, Incentives & Rewards Card, Targeted Incentives Catalogs, Healthy Foods Card, Dental Services Card and Discount Programs.


We also offer VanillaDirect Pay® Premiums Service for in-store cash payments of health plan premiums.


How It Works:


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Use Your Card at These Participating Retailers


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Are you a health plan member looking for more information on eligible products, offers, and participating retailers in your area? Log in to the OTC Network Cardholder Portal for more information.



InComm – Graphic of a credit card and outline of the OTC Network logo. OTC Supplemental Benefit Card

For Your Medicare Advantage Health Plan Members


Our OTC Supplemental Benefit Card gives Medicare Advantage plan members instant access to their benefit dollars. The card allows them to quickly and conveniently spend their benefit dollars on over-the-counter (OTC) products in retail - eliminating the need for manual reconciliation and reimbursement.

  • Limit spending to only CMS-compliant OTC products

  • Recapture unspent benefit dollars

  • No cash withdrawal capability

  • Comprehensive CMS compliance reporting

  • Reduce financial or payment processing cost 

There are more than 200,000 items available to purchase using the OTC Supplemental Benefit Card.


See how our card can benefit your plan.



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InComm – Graphic of a credit card with a star emblem. Incentives & Rewards Card

How InComm Helps Your Medicaid Health Plan Members


Our Incentive & Rewards Card allows Medicaid plans to build a customized, targeted incentive program around health and preventive behaviors. You can instantly reward members for healthier living.

  • Limit spending to only health and wellness products

  • Track member spending

  • No cash withdrawal capability

  • Recapture unspent incentive dollars

  • Comprehensive compliance reporting

There are more than 1.4 million items available to purchase using our restricted-spend Incentive & Rewards Card.


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InComm – Graphic of a credit card and bullseye target. Targeted Incentive Catalogs

Drive Engagement & Behavior Modification


Health plans seeking to influence their members’ social determinants of health (SDOH) are creating programs based on specific factors shown to improve health outcomes.


Our Targeted Incentive Catalogs can be tailored to address the top SDOH factors your members face. Each catalog is designed to meet a unique purpose and can incentivize your members to improve their lifestyles through healthy spending. Catalogs currently available include:

  • First Years Wellness: Encourages purchases related to baby care during the critical first years of an infant’s life.

  • Healthy Foods: Engages food-insecure members by encouraging healthy food purchases in-store and online.

  • Sensible Living: Extensive product offering that only limits the purchase of alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

  • Smoking Cessation: Encourages purchases related to recovery from nicotine addiction.


Improve health outcomes – and your bottom line. Contact us.



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InComm – Graphic of a rewards card with an apple. Healthy Foods Card

Healthy Food Options for Healthy Living


Our Healthy Food Card enables health plans to engage food-insecure members by allowing them to purchase healthy and nutritious foods. This lets them take control of their consumption and dietary management.

  • Makes nutritious and beneficial foods attainable for members

  • Restricts spending to only healthy foods – help curb unhealthy choices
  • Tracks member spending
  • All unspent dollars are returned to the plan


Healthier foods, healthier members. Learn more.



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InComm – Graphic of a multi-purse card Multi-Wallet Program Management

Now you can manage and deliver multiple programs types through a single card, powered by the OTC Network.

One card to deliver and manage for all programs. Simplify benefits and incentive for you and your members with our multi-wallet capabilities.

  • One solution for all types of supplemental benefits and wellness incentive programs.
  • Holds multiple product catalogs and programs.
  • Save costs with fewer cards to print, manage and ship with convenient all-in-one delivery and flexible program management for members.
  • Automatically integrated into our retail partners’ systems.
  • Comprehensive reporting for each program type.
  • Simplified program management.

Learn more about our multi-wallet program management




InComm – Graphic of a credit card and a tooth. Dental Services Card

Provide Dental Benefits More Efficiently


Our new Dental Services Card allows you to provide benefit dollar amounts to members for use at any dental clinic. Members pay directly for products and services with the amount on the card – no need to process dental claims or manage dental networks.

  • Members can comparison shop for the best deals and service for their dental needs
  • Accepted at any clinic that takes credit cards
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Recapture unspent incentive dollars

The easiest way to provide dental benefits without the expensive and time-consuming process of managing a dental program.


Give your dental services a check-up.



InComm – Graphic of a credit card and percentage symbol. Discount Programs

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Reward your members with exclusive savings on everyday health and wellness products and healthcare services


In-Store Discounts enable members to receive discounts on health and everyday products.

  • Does not need to have funds loaded in order to receive the discounts

  • Use as a marketing and retention tool with new and current membership


Online Healthcare Services Discounts offer members exclusive savings on top hearing aid, dental and vision service providers.

  • Focuses on healthcare services oriented savings

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