Support your members with the proper nutrition.

Medicare Advantage members can now access nutritious and medically tailored meals on an ongoing basis through their OTC card. Those members who didn't previously qualify for post-discharge or chronic care meal benefits can also now purchase delicious home-delivered meals with their supplemental benefit funds. With digital delivery of funds and simplified program management through the OTC Network®, it's an efficient solution to support better member nutrition.



A Comprehensive Meal Solution


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  • Tailored menus to support a range of conditions including diabetes, heart-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, and many more.
  • Empower members to select their own meals to meet their needs and preferences.
  • Broad delivery footprint to any address nationwide.
  • Convenient and rapid delivery to members' homes.
  • Live customer care support.




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Healthy Members Eat Healthy
At Home.


Eating right is always beneficial and especially important for those with unique health challenges. Adding a home delivery option gives your members access to nutritionally tailored meals and eliminates barriers to a better diet.


These meals are easy to prepare, and menus are developed by registered dietitians for a sure-to-satisfy selection appropriate for many common health conditions. Members will love the selection, taste, and the all-around convenience. You'll love the efficiency, engagement, and the impact on long-term member health.



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