Support your members with proper nutrition.

Health plan members can now have local, farm-fresh produce boxes delivered to their door. It’s as easy as choosing a farm box and customizing with eggs, bread, vegetables, meat, seafood, and/or pantry staples.



Easy, convenient, healthy.


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  • All items are assembled the morning of delivery
  • Organic and freshly harvested vegetables

  • Boxes tailored to meet different health needs

  • Helps eliminate food waste

  • Supports farmers and small businesses




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Healthy Members Eat Healthy
At Home.


Eating right is always beneficial and especially important for those with unique health challenges. Adding a produce delivery option gives your members access to nutritious foods and eliminates barriers to a better diet.


Members will love the selection, taste, local flavor and all-around convenience. You'll love the efficiency, engagement, and the impact on long-term member health.



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