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Programs and products that make your store a wireless destination.

Without question, mobile phones and devices are essential tools for everyday life. Consumers need these wireless devices to conduct personal and professional business, but they also need convenient ways to access what these tools offer. Our wireless products are the solutions to which they are turning.

Use our products to capture the wireless customer at your store.

We arm retailers, both national chains and independent stores, with the wireless products and services that cater to the consumer looking for convenience and flexibility. These wireless customers will come to your store for regular wireless purchases and top-ups and, as an added value, will make other in-store purchases.

Products for National Retail

Our suite of products and services for national wireless retailers have become important solutions for meeting consumers’ everyday need of keeping in touch.

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SIM Activation Kit

Our SIM activation kits give consumers everything they need to use their unlocked mobile device, including a SIM card and a card for airtime.

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Handset Lock/Unlock

This technology unlocks handsets immediately when scanned at the point of sale. This makes your retail doors a destination for handset acquisition and top-ups.

Wireless Top-Up

Wireless Top-Up

With an extensive suite of wireless top-up options at retail, we give consumers an easy way to top-up their account. 

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Carrier Activation Service

We enable retailers to fully activate a customer device onto a carrier network, eliminating the need for the customer to call a 1-800 number for activation once they leave the store.

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International Mobile Top-Up

We provide international mobile top-up cards that allow U.S. consumers to top-up accounts for friends and family located in other countries.

Various options for easy top–ups

We enable our retail partners to offer their customers various top–up solutions to meet their unique needs:

Wireless Card

Wireless Card

Our assortment of wireless cards meet the unique demands of consumers and the varying capabilities of retailers' point-of-sale systems.

Reuse/Recharge Card

Reuse/Recharge Card

This card solution allows the consumer to reuse their card inside your retail store to instantly top–up their account after activation.

Instant Top–Up

Instant Top–Up

This technology gives retailers the ability to top–up consumer accounts instantly at the register using their mobile device number.

PIN Top–Up

PIN Top–Up

Customers can request a PIN–on–receipt at check out and then top–up at their convenience.

Products for Independent Retail

We provide independent wireless retailers with the solutions they need to turn their stores into destinations for consumers who rely on their products for everyday life. Offer more with innovative payment processing.

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POS Bill Pay

By offering wireless bill payment at the point of sale, you can turn your store into a payment destination, attracting more consumers to your store and encouraging them to spend more money.

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In-Store Kiosks

Our automated kiosk payment solution makes it easy for consumers to pay their bills by accepting credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash in a variety of denominations.

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Digital Gift Cards

Using our payment interface, retailers can quickly offer consumers a broad assortment of digital gift cards in addition to wireless solutions.

Solutions for Agents and Retailers

Using a versatile payment platform, we help independent retailers turn their stores into wireless payment destinations. This innovative service enables the retailer to expand its business and gives agents a variety of ways to drive revenue, fees and commissions.


We work with the top wireless providers in the industry to create products that help meet the needs of the modern wireless consumer. Our providers include:

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Technology Solutions

Our wireless products and services are supported by an industry-leading foundation of technologies that will help you build more value into every consumer transaction.

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Our point-of-sale activation technology is the foundation of the prepaid industry.

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Fraud Support

Our best-in-class monitoring and prevention have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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