Restricted Spend

Our restricted-spend technology allows consumers to receive directed funds on a single card – making delivery and spending easy and convenient.

Healthcare Spending Simplified

With spending restricted down to the SKU level, health plans and other programs can ensure members and beneficiaries are able to easily purchase what they need at neighborhood retailers without worrying about loss to extraneous purchases or costly reimbursement methods.

Powering our Dual Network Benefit Card, restricted spend technology supports our healthcare benefits and incentives offerings, allowing plans to deliver multiple benefits on a single card.

Each program on the card is limited to approved providers or catalogs of items at participating retailers, with eligible items automatically approved at checkout.

Rewards for All

Our solutions simplify purchasing incentives through award-winning technologies with our easy-to-use gift card shop and our robust enterprise business solution offerings. At InComm InCentives, we partner with you to help maximize your growth initiatives through incentives.

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