Sounds Like Summer
July 11, 2023

Converting cash for an improved music festival experience.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the amplified guitar riffs carrying on a boisterous summer tradition outdoor music festivals. Running from spring to fall, and taking place across the globe in major cities, along beachfronts, across wooded fields and even in the middle of the desert, many music fans look forward to spending summer days hopping from stage to stage, enjoying the carefree spirit and camaraderie of a self-contained concert series.  

These music festivals represent virtually every genre and type of act and can range from single-evening affairs to days-long campouts that develop their own unique habitats. They also generate major revenue – a recent report by Allied Market Research estimated that the global music event industry generated $152.2 billion in 2021, with anticipated growth to as much as $481.4 billion by 2031.1 

No matter the size or length, festival organizers are charged with keeping attendees hydrated and fed, while also keeping on-demand merchandise accessible. With the larger festivals hosting well over half a million attendees, this is no simple logistical task. 

Festivals typically meet these needs with their own and pre-approved third-party pop-up vendors in tents, trucks and stands spread across the space. As organizers further seek to streamline processes and ensure a smooth show and experience, many festivals have begun to eliminate cash from that process. This step speeds up concession lines and reduces cash-handling costs, but – if not handled correctly – can create stress for cash-preferred concertgoers, who may feel excluded and/or be stuck bartering with other fans for food and drink. 

How can festivals best remove cash from their microeconomies without restricting access to a portion of fans?

The best solution is on-site cash digitization.

InComm Payments’ TRNSX technology supports cashless events – including music festivals – while helping them remain inclusive to cash-preferred attendees. This turnkey mobile point-of-sale technology enables attendees to exchange cash for gift cards at customer service locations; the gift cards can then be used to swipe and pay at the venue’s vendor stands just like a credit or debit card. 

The gift cards can be branded to the festival or venue, and they can be used outside of the venue anywhere the card’s provider is accepted, so attendees don’t have to fret about painstakingly balancing their funds or hitting zero by the time the last song fades – instead, they can load the card with whatever amount they want and rest comfortably knowing any leftover funds can be spent at their leisure at their favorite stores and online retailers. With all that goes into running a successful music festival, we’re happy to offer an easy way to take cash-handling out of the equation. 

Our solution is easily adaptable to temporary festival sites or permanent music venues, arenas, sports stadiums, and other venues. Ready to learn more? Contact our experts today. 

1 Allied Market Research. “Music Event Market By Revenue Source (Tickets, Sponsorship, Others), By Genre (Rock, Pop, EDM, Others), By Type (Music Festivals, Music Concerts, Music Shows, Others), By Age Group (Below 20 Years, 21 to 40 Years, Above 40 Years), By Gender (Male, Female): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2031.” October 2022.

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