TaxAct Launches Campaign to Help Puerto Rican Families
May 31, 2022

Rollout will include more than 2,000 Ipiranga convenience stores in gas stations across the country

DALLAS, TX – March XX, 2022 – TaxAct®, a leading DIY tax preparation solution, has launched an awareness campaign to help Puerto Rican families claim monies available to them in expanded Child Tax Credits, partnering with local influencers and media outlets to highlight changes in the law and increased eligibility and with InComm Payments, a leading global payments technology company, to assist in delivery of funds through Serve®. The company has also launched a dedicated page on its website with instructions on how to file and lowered associated filing fees to only $19.95.

Previously, Puerto Ricans were required to prove residency and taxable income, as well as meet a minimum number of dependents to receive Child Tax Credits introduced through the American Rescue Plan. Now, Puerto Ricans must only show that they lived in the territory for six months during 2021 and are no longer required to have taxable income to receive payments. 

The number of children necessary to qualify has also been lowered from three to one. Families can claim the enhanced maximum credit of up to $3,000 for qualifying children ages 6-17 or $3,600 for children ages 5 and under and must file a Form 1040-SS to claim their payment.

“These Child Tax Credits can be a game-changer for families of all sizes,” said Mark Jaeger, VP of Tax Operations. “Filing one simple form enables Puerto Rican families to receive thousands of dollars per child. This money can make a huge difference in their lives, and we want to help ensure that they get it!”

Through Serve, InComm Payments will facilitate the fast, cost-effective delivery of tax refunds and child credits to qualified individuals. In addition to providing a convenient digital experience and on-the-go money management, Serve does not require a credit check and has competitive fees.

“Our products and technology are perfect for assisting in the delivery and management of funds,” said Adam Brault, Senior Vice President of Financial Services at InComm Payments. “We’re glad to provide flexibility and convenience to families who are looking to access their money in the most efficient way possible.”

“We’re working hard to spread the word about these Child Tax Credit requirement changes to as many Puerto Rican families, as possible,” added Curtis Campbell, TaxAct President. “We want to do everything we can to be the best partner that provides them with a simple, affordable and convenient way to collect what is theirs.”

If you are a resident of Puerto Rico, visit TaxAct’s dedicated website page to begin the process to claim your Child Tax Credit today.


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