Fraud Protection for Brand and Merchant Partners

InComm Payments has long been an industry leader in developing innovative solutions to combat fraud. With hundreds of patents and applications globally, we are constantly working to prevent scams and have combatted emerging threats for over 30 years.

Our commitment to security is backed by sustained investment in advanced fraud prevention solutions, which includes leveraging new technologies, packaging techniques, monitoring systems and other security practices.

We regularly roll out new technological features and processes to best serve the individuals and merchants who rely on our popular and highly valued payment products.

InComm Payments Provides Layered Protection for an Innovative Solution

with secure packaging & geolocation technologies

InComm Payments’ innovative fraud prevention measures and 24/7/365 monitoring for suspicious card activity are central to our relentless focus on delivering a superior gift card experience, for both our partners and consumers, and have made us a trusted partner in the retail industry.

Our Commitment to Brand and Merchant Partners

By anticipating, monitoring and taking steps against fraudulent activity with our end-to-end approach, we help combat emerging threats so brands and merchants can focus on their business. Our partner support includes:

• Card security features
• Active monitoring of potential fraud patterns
• Response recommendations and support
• Guidance around the latest fraud prevention techniques
• Employee fraud prevention training and educational programs
• Dedicated phone and email support, and other resources
• Sponsored partner events featuring fraud prevention experts and members of law enforcement
• Retailer and consumer awareness education

Fighting Fraud Together: Tips for Consumers

Spreading awareness to store employees and customers can help them stop fraud before it happens.

Click here to visit our Fraud 101 page, which offers valuable tips to help consumers identify, avoid, and seek assistance against scam attempts.

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