InComm Product Control

Refining Your Returns Process

Rethinking Returns 

InComm Product Control (IPC) uses innovation at the point of sale to improve the returns process. 

By tracking items rather than customer data, our technology ensures accuracy, reducing invalid and fraudulent returns. 

Product tracking technology captures a product’s unique fingerprint through your point of sale and other channel touchpoints.

Transaction history is recorded to our secure database for simple and seamless lifecycle tracking.

Information is stored for future queries and services.

Robust reporting and analysis to track trends, monitor engineering change impacts, support FIFO compliance and more.

Efficient and Effective

Our return validation service creates a smooth experience at the returns counter by validating return attempts systematically and on-demand to identify fraudulent, out-of-policy and cross-retailer returns.


IPC returns tracking does not require a receipt, limits employee training and mitigates loss.

Step One

When presented with a consumer return, the retailer scans the UPC and is prompted by the point-of-sale (POS) system to scan the serial number.

Step Two

That scan initiates a real-time query to our database, where the product’s transaction history and corresponding policies, terms and conditions are reviewed.

Step Three

Depending on IPC’s systematic response, the POS system accepts or deflects on the retailer’s return window and other configurable considerations.

Step Four

Spanning all channels, IPC’s Return Management system gives retailers the information they need to make fast, consistent and accurate decisions about returns.

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